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World News: Vehicle Efficiency, Robotics Advancements, UAE Investment Surge, Apple’s AI Partnership, and FDA Approval for Covid Medicine

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Australian Government Strikes A Consensus on Vehicle Efficiency  

Australian government strikes a consensus on a vehicle efficiency standard, despite industry pressure, aiming to significantly reduce emissions. While concessions include relaxed rules for large SUVs and a six-month delay, the ambitious targets still garner support from environmental and electric vehicle bodies. Carbon dioxide emissions will decrease by 321m tonnes by 2050, aiding long-term decarbonization goals. The move addresses Australia’s past lack of efficiency standards, potentially curbing the influx of dirtier vehicles. Notably, Toyota’s backing signals optimism, with projected savings of $95bn by 2050 for Australian motorists.


Robots And Factory Automation Solutions Exhibition In Seoul

Seoul’s Smart Factory Automation World (SFAW) is set to host 450 companies from nine nations, unveiling cutting-edge advancements in robots and factory automation solutions from March 27 to 29 at the COEX Convention & Exhibition Center. With an expected attendance of over 70,000, this B2B expo marks a significant uptick from last year’s figures. Notable showcases include Aidin Robotics’ PanoRadar safety radar sensor and Epson Korea’s GX8-A552C robot featuring conveyor tracking technology. SFAW also offers conferences and networking sessions, attracting global players like Siemens and Mitsubishi Electric. South Korea’s $22.5 million investment in smart factories underscores its dedication to industrial innovation.


UAE’s Overseas Investments Reach $2.5 Trillion

UAE’s International Investors Council Secretary-General Jamal Bin Saif Al-Jarwan announced the Emirate’s resilient global investments totaling $2.5 trillion in early 2024. The US leads with $65 billion in bonds and $50 billion in direct UAE investments. Al-Jarwan highlighted strategic investment focuses including India, Indonesia, and ASEAN nations, expecting continued expansion. Notable deals include Abu Dhabi Investment Authority’s $8.2 billion acquisition of UniVar Solutions and Caisse de dépôt et placement du Québec’s $5 billion investment in DP World. UAE’s outbound investment surged to $24.83 billion in 2022, reflecting a 10% rise from 2021, according to a UNCTAD report.


Apple Explores Partnership with Baidu for AI Services in China

Apple is reportedly in discussions with Chinese tech titan Baidu to integrate its large language model (LLM) and artificial intelligence (AI) services into Apple’s ecosystem in China. The collaboration could potentially bring Baidu’s AI capabilities, including the Ernie Bot assistant, to Apple’s iPhone 16 series with iOS 18 and macOS 15. Amid regulatory hurdles in China, Apple seeks local partnerships, with Baidu emerging as a prominent choice due to its robust AI offerings and regulatory compliance.


FDA Approves Drung For Covid Emergencies

The US Food & Drug Administration has approved Pemgarda, a monoclonal antibody infusion, for emergency use in immunocompromised individuals aged 12 and above, aiming to protect them from COVID-19. Targeting those unlikely to mount sufficient immune responses post-vaccination, such as organ transplant recipients and cancer patients, the drug will be administered in healthcare settings. Invivyd, the drug’s manufacturer, anticipates it becoming available within weeks, with pricing yet to be determined. While the drug’s efficacy in real-world settings remains to be fully assessed, experts underscore its significance in safeguarding vulnerable populations against severe Covid outcomes. Pemgarda is not a treatment for current Covid cases.

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