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Volkswagen Beetle: Cuautepec Keeps the Iconic Tradition Alive in Mexico City

Reviving Tradition: Cuautepec’s Love Affair with the Iconic Volkswagen Beetle

In the northern neighbourhood of Cuautepec, Mexico City, the iconic Volkswagen Beetle, or “vocho,” continues to be a beloved mode of transportation. Despite production ceasing in 2019, these colourful Beetles are still a common sight on the steep hills of the area. The Beetle’s rear-engine design makes it particularly adept at navigating challenging terrain, a key reason why local taxi drivers favour it.

The Volkswagen Beetle’s long history in Mexico City, once a staple as a taxi, is evident in Cuautepec, which has been nicknamed “Vocholandia.” The neighbourhood’s streets are lined with these classic cars, painted in vibrant colours ranging from lime green to bright sea blue. This enduring presence highlights the Beetle’s deep cultural significance and practical utility.

Local drivers continue to choose the Volkswagen Beetle for its affordability and efficiency. The cars’ ability to climb steep hills with ease makes them ideal for the area’s rugged landscape. Many drivers began using Beetles to provide for their families, appreciating the car’s reliability and economic value. Some have customized their Beetles, adding personal touches that reflect their pride and connection to this iconic vehicle.

Mechanics in the area have observed a decline in the availability of parts since Volkswagen halted production. This scarcity poses a challenge for maintaining these classic cars, yet the community’s determination to keep them running remains strong. Enthusiasts often seek out parts from repair shops or junkyards, adapting and repairing their Beetles as needed.

The persistence of the Volkswagen Beetle in Cuautepec is more than just about practicality; it represents a cultural tradition and a sense of continuity. For many, driving a Beetle is a way to honour their heritage and maintain a connection to the past. The Beetle remains a symbol of resilience and community, embodying the spirit of “the people’s car” in this vibrant neighbourhood.

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