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Solar & Storage Live Africa 2024 Started Off

Solar & Storage Live Africa 2024 commenced in Johannesburg, South Africa, hosting over 350 exhibitors from domestic and international arenas at the Gallagher Convention Center, on March 18. Gina Bester of Terrapinn highlighted the event’s significance in driving towards sustainability amidst global challenges. Exhibitors showcased diverse energy products and solutions, including photovoltaic modules, renewable energy storage, inverters, and smart technologies. The exhibition also features forums and conferences with government representatives and energy sector leaders, addressing pressing issues in Africa’s energy landscape. With a focus on innovation and collaboration, the event aims to propel the continent towards a more sustainable energy future.


Australia-China Ties Explore Stability
Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi’s recent visit marked a thaw since 2017, emphasizing efforts to mend ties despite tensions over various issues including trade reprisals and Hong Kong’s security law. While acknowledging progress, and discussions of trade and security, panda diplomacy also surfaced. Talks included the fate of two pandas in Australia and discussions on the global nickel market, impacting Australian firms. China and Australia have claimed progress in stabilizing strained relations during talks in Canberra.

With The Vernal Equinox, It’s Spring In The Northern Hemisphere

The vernal equinox, spanning March 19 to 21, signifies a celestial alignment where Earth’s axis aligns with its orbit, resulting in global equal daylight and darkness. From Latin roots meaning “equal” and “night,” it symbolizes equilibrium with near-identical day and night durations. Meteorological seasons begin on March 1, distinct from astronomical seasons tied to Earth’s orbit. Solstices mark tilt extremes, while equinoxes denote balance. The summer solstice (June 20-22) brings the longest day, while the winter solstice (Dec 20-23) yields the shortest. These events offer insights into Earth’s annual cycle, officially commencing spring in the Northern Hemisphere.


Nepal Officially Declares Pokhara As Its Tourism Capital  

Nepal officially declared Pokhara as its tourism capital, recognizing the city’s natural beauty and adventure tourism on March 17. The special ceremony at Barahi Ghat, attended by Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal ‘Prachanda’, emphasized Pokhara’s significance. The designation aims to boost Pokhara’s global recognition, attracting more visitors and stimulating the local economy. Extended business hours in popular areas like Lakeside enhance nightlife, providing tourists with vibrant experiences. Situated at 827 meters above sea level, Pokhara offers stunning views of the Annapurna range and hosts various lakes for recreational activities. Known for adventure tourism, it offers trekking, paragliding, and white-water rafting, solidifying its status as a tourism hotspot.


All-Africa Games in Ghana
The 13th All-Africa Games in Ghana’s Accra, Kumasi, and Cape Coast entered its second week, culminating on March 24. With 4000 elite athletes from fifty-five African nations competing in twenty-nine sports disciplines, Egypt leads the medal tally with 156 medals, 91 of them gold. Nigeria and South Africa follow. Host nation Ghana impressed in various disciplines, securing around thirty medals. The event showcases Africa’s sporting prowess and fosters camaraderie among nations, promoting unity and healthy competition across the continent.

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