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World News Roundup: China-Sri Lanka Ties, Bulgaria & Romania’s Schengen Entry, World Agri-Tech Summit, Facebook News Feature Phase-Out

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China Pledges Continued Support to Sri Lanka Amid Economic Woes

China reaffirms support for crisis-hit Sri Lanka as Prime Minister Dinesh Gunawardena concludes Beijing’s visit on March 30. Gunawardena met President Xi Jinping during his visit, aimed at finalizing a debt restructuring deal. The visit also included participation in the Boao Forum, a prominent international gathering. China’s commitment to supporting Sri Lanka amidst its economic challenges underscores the growing bilateral ties between the two countries. Sri Lanka has been grappling with a severe foreign exchange crisis, prompting efforts to secure assistance and restructuring agreements with key allies like China. Gunawardena’s visit signifies the importance of Chinese support in Sri Lanka’s economic recovery.

Bulgaria and Romania Join Schengen Partially Facilitating Air and Sea Travel 
Bulgaria and Romania, after 13 years of anticipation, partially join Schengen, facilitating air and sea travel while land borders remain controlled due to Austria’s concerns about asylum seekers. The move marks a symbolic milestone for both countries, emphasizing dignity and EU integration. Schengen now encompasses 29 members, including 25 EU states and Switzerland, Norway, Iceland, and Liechtenstein. Romania’s Otopeni airport becomes a key Schengen hub. Increased staff will monitor airports to prevent illegal exits and trafficking. Both countries aim for full Schengen integration by year-end, with truck drivers and businesses urging swift action to reduce border wait times.


World Agri-Tech Innovation Summit 2024: Pioneering Sustainable Solutions in Agriculture 

The World Agri-Tech Innovation Summit 2024, held in San Francisco, showcased a vibrant optimism among startups and investors towards the future of agriculture technology. Emphasizing practical applications and sustainability, the gathering highlighted collaborative efforts and innovative solutions catering to farmers’ needs. Discussions centered on initiatives like GenAI, revolutionizing farm management, and reimagining venture capital models to better support agricultural innovation. Robert Bonnie from the USDA underscored the importance of collaboration and incentives in decarbonizing agriculture, signaling a proactive approach. Overall, the summit provided a platform for stakeholders to exchange ideas and explore advancements aimed at ensuring a sustainable future for agriculture.


Meta Phases Out Facebook News Feature Amid Shift in Platform Strategy

Meta announced the discontinuation of the Facebook News feature in the US and Australia in early April, aligning with its strategy to deprioritize news and politics. This move, previously implemented in the UK, France, and Germany, aims to reduce misinformation and political polarization on its platforms. Although the News tab will be phased out, users can still access news articles through links, and news agencies can share stories like any other entity on Facebook. Despite these changes, Meta reassures users that its fact-checking network remains intact. Recent data reveals a decline of over 80% in Facebook News usage among American and Australian audiences, while Pew Research Center’s 2023 study highlights Facebook’s significance as a primary news source for 30% of US adults, with Instagram emerging as a notable platform for news updates among 16% of users.


Bassirou Diomaye Faye Confirmed as Senegal’s Youngest President-Elect

Senegal’s Constitutional Council affirmed Faye’s victory in the presidential election, validating provisional results with Faye securing over 54% of votes. Ruling coalition candidate Amadou Ba garnered around 35%. At 44, Faye is set to become Senegal’s youngest president, with his inauguration scheduled for Tuesday in Diamniadio, as announced by the presidency.

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