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World News Roundup: Microsoft, Saudi Arabia’s Miss Universe Debut, NASA, China’s Industrial Profit, and Johnson & Johnson Honored

World News:

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Microsoft’s Notepad Gets Long-awaited Spell-check Feature


Microsoft’s relentless modernization of Windows apps now extends to the iconic Notepad, dating back 41 years. The upcoming update introduces a long-awaited spell-check feature, aligning it with contemporary word processors and browsers. Currently available in the Windows Insider Preview build, the feature enhances user experience with real-time error correction and autocorrect across multiple languages. Notepad’s evolution includes character count tracking, autosave, dark mode, tab support, and AI integration. As of January 2022, Windows 11 adoption has surged to 19.3% of all Windows PCs, indicating a significant user base poised to benefit from these enhancements.

Saudi Arabia To Make Historic Debut In The Miss Universe Pageant

Saudi Arabia makes history as it prepares to debut in the Miss Universe pageant, with Rumy Alqahtani representing the nation. The seasoned beauty pageant contestant and influencer announced her participation on social media, expressing her honor at the opportunity. Alqahtani, from Riyadh, brings her experience from international pageants to the prestigious competition. The previous Miss Universe saw Miss Nicaragua crowned as the winner, with contestants from Thailand and Australia securing other top positions. With the upcoming edition scheduled in Mexico, Saudi Arabia’s inaugural participation underscores the country’s evolving stance on beauty and representation on the global stage.


NASA Begs Prestigious Robert J. Collier Trophy

NASA’s OSIRIS-REx mission earns the prestigious Robert J. Collier Trophy for its groundbreaking feat of collecting and returning an asteroid sample, a first in US history. The accolade highlights the mission’s significant contribution to American aerospace achievement. Scheduled for June 13, 2024, in Washington, DC, the ceremony will honor the OSIRIS-REx team’s remarkable success. This milestone not only unveils insights into the early solar system’s origins but also enhances understanding of potentially hazardous asteroids. The mission, a collaboration between NASA and international partners, reaffirms global cooperation in space exploration. OSIRIS-REx’s legacy continues with future endeavors like studying asteroid Apophis in 2029.

China’s Industrial Profits Surge 10.2%

China’s industrial profits surged 10.2% in the first two months of 2024 compared to the same period last year, as per National Bureau of Statistics (NBS) data. This growth follows a 2.3% decline in profits for the entire 2023. Despite a sluggish property sector, upbeat indicators hint at Asia’s largest economy’s stabilization. State-owned firms saw a 0.5% rise, foreign firms gained 31.2%, and private-sector companies increased by 12.7%. Analysts anticipate continued gains but note risks from global demand uncertainties and supply chain disruptions. Amid economic weaknesses, policymakers are poised to deploy supportive measures, including possible cuts in banks’ reserve requirement ratios.

Johnson & Johnson Joins Fortune’s Most Innovative Companies List

Johnson & Johnson’s legacy of innovation, dating back to its founding in 1886, is not just a corporate mantra but a fundamental aspect ingrained in its culture and mission. Recognized by Fortune among America’s Most Innovative Companies for the second consecutive year, Johnson & Johnson stands out for its commitment to product innovation, process efficiency, and fostering an innovative culture. With a focus on healthcare solutions, the company continually pushes boundaries in research and development, production, and internal entrepreneurship. This accolade reaffirms Johnson & Johnson’s dedication to pioneering advancements that address critical healthcare challenges and empower patients worldwide.

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