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Global Headlines: Finland Happiness, UN Resolution on AI, Historic Pig-to-Human Kidney Transplant, Wales’ First Black Minister, US Air Force Hypersonic Weapon Test

Finland Tops In World Happiness Report

According to the annual UN-sponsored World Happiness Report released on March 20, Finland retained its title as the world’s happiest country for the seventh consecutive year. Morocco slipped to 107th globally, dropping seven places from last year. Nordic nations like Denmark, Iceland, and Sweden trailed Finland in the top ranks. Afghanistan remained at the bottom due to ongoing humanitarian crises. Surprisingly, the United States and Germany didn’t make it to the top 20, ranking 23rd and 24th respectively. Instead, Costa Rica and Kuwait joined the elite group, ranking 12th and 13th. Notably, the happiest nations mostly comprised smaller populations, as per the report.

UN Passes Resolution For Ethical AI

The United Nations unanimously passed a resolution aimed at fostering the safe and ethical advancement of artificial intelligence (AI), marking a significant international effort in the technology’s governance. Led by the United States, negotiations with U.N. member states, including Russia and China, resulted in the resolution’s adoption, showcasing AI’s transcendent influence beyond geopolitical divisions. While emphasizing human rights, the resolution lacks enforcement mechanisms. Meanwhile, China is advancing its regulations, requiring AI systems to adhere to socialist values. The U.N. resolution follows previous international agreements like the Bletchley Declaration, underscoring global efforts to navigate AI’s impact amid varying regulatory approaches.

First Ever Genetically Edited Kidney Transplant From Pig

In a groundbreaking medical achievement, a 62-year-old man, Richard Slayman, has become the first living recipient of a genetically edited kidney from a pig, following a landmark surgery at Massachusetts General Hospital. The four-hour procedure, conducted on March 16, marks a significant milestone in transplantation medicine and offers hope to the hundreds of thousands of Americans awaiting kidney transplants. Engineered by eGenesis, the pig kidney underwent 69 genetic edits to minimize the risk of rejection. With advancements in gene-editing technology, doctors aim to address the critical shortage of human organs for transplantation, potentially revolutionizing the field of organ donation.

Vaughan Gething Becomes First Black First Minister of Wales  

Vaughan Gething made history on March 20 as he was elected the first Black First Minister of Wales, following his victory in the leadership contest for Wales’ governing Labour Party. Securing 27 out of 51 votes in the Senedd, Gething, of Welsh and Zambian descent, emphasized Wales’ pioneering status in Europe with his appointment. With nonwhite leaders now heading three of the four U.K. governments, Gething’s leadership marks a significant milestone.

US Air Force Successfully Tests An Air-launched Hypersonic Weapon

The US Air Force announced the successful testing of an air-launched hypersonic weapon in the Pacific Ocean on March 19. Conducted on March 17 after a B-52 bomber departed from Guam, carrying an Air-launched Rapid Response Weapon (ARRW), the test marked a significant advancement in hypersonic technology. While the Air Force labeled the test a success, the exact speed of the weapon remains undisclosed. Previous tests have shown the ARRW reaching speeds of at least five times the speed of sound. The achievement underscores the military’s ongoing efforts to enhance its arsenal with cutting-edge weaponry.

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