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King Abdullah Economic City

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(KAEC); MoU Signed ToDevelop Digital Infrastructure Hub

Integrated Telecom Company (Salam), headquartered in Saudi Arabia, has
entered into a collaboration with Khazzan Information Technology (Edgnex
Data Centers), Cinturion Corp, and Emaar, The Economic City (EEC) to
explore new avenues within the telecom and digital infrastructure realm.

Salam, a licensed provider of fixed, mobile, data, and voice services, with a
substantial telecommunications footprint across Saudi Arabia, is embarking
on a venture to establish a comprehensive digital hub. This hub is designed
to offer a range of services to a diverse clientele both nationally and
globally, all conveniently centered within King Abdullah Economic City
(KAEC). The strategic Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between the
companies is a significant step towards realizing the Saudi 2030

Telecommunication Transformation Vision, a pivotal initiative led by the
Ministry of Communication and Information Technology (MCIT).
The collaborative effort highlights the shared interest among the entities to
develop a digital infrastructure hub encompassing ambitious initiatives such
as an international submarine cable project, state-of-the-art data centers,
an expansive fiber infrastructure, cutting-edge cloud services, and
high-speed Internet provisions, among other advancements. The ultimate
goal is to cultivate an innovative and seamless digital environment within
KAEC, a city with aspirations to evolve into a technologically intelligent and
nationally significant urban center.

Cyril Piaia, CEO of KAEC, expressed enthusiasm for the partnership with
Salam, Edgnex Data Centers, and Cinturion, viewing it as a stride towards
positioning KAEC as a preeminent global digital hub. Piaia emphasized that
this collaboration solidifies KAEC’s commitment to serving as a
forward-looking platform, ideally poised to host the latest advancements in
digital infrastructure technology. He concluded by asserting that the
partnership reinforces KAEC’s role as an ultramodern ecosystem, primed to
act as a catalyst for national economic growth.

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