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Japanese Maglev Line Unlikely

to Meet 2027 OpeningDate

The endeavor aims to establish a link between Tokyo’s Shinagawa
business district and Nagoya’s pivotal manufacturing and shipping center,
covering approximately 178 miles in a mere 40 minutes through the
utilization of cutting-edge frictionless maglev technology. Mamoru Uno,

Executive Vice President of JR Tokai, expressed optimism about
converging discussions into an agreement, although this sentiment was not
shared by Takashi Namba, Vice Governor of Shizuoka.
Initiated in April 2020, an expert panel was assembled to meticulously
evaluate the potential environmental consequences associated with the
tunnel’s construction. The panel’s presented findings conveyed a favorable
outlook, indicating minimal risks and asserting that the project’s impact on
underground water in river basins would be marginal. Despite this, the
Shizuoka government voiced dissatisfaction, deeming the report as
“inadequate and hastily composed.”

The escalated project costs are partly attributed to the expenses
associated with station construction along the line, which surpassed initial
estimates due to the incorporation of substantial earthquake mitigation
measures. The original timeline for unveiling the line by 2027 appears
increasingly implausible, primarily due to setbacks encountered in
Shizuoka, as reported by Nikkei Asia.

Parallelly, both public and private entities in the United States have
conceptualized maglev train initiatives. In January, the Federal Railroad
Administration released an initial study exploring the feasibility of a
Baltimore-Washington, D.C. route, potentially connecting these cities in a
remarkable eight to 15 minutes. Subject to federal endorsement, which
would necessitate funding ranging from $13.8 billion to $16.8 billion,
construction could conclude within the next decade. If the project triumphs,
the subsequent phase would entail linking Washington with New York City.

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