India And Bangladesh Are Expected

To Hold A Trial
Locomotive Run On The Akhaura-Agartala Railway

The railway connectivity project linking Bangladesh and India, commencing
from Akhaura in Bangladesh and extending to Agartala in India, is poised
for a virtual inauguration during the forthcoming 18th G20 Summit.

This ambitious railway initiative spans a total length of 15.064 kilometers,
with 10.014 kilometers situated within the borders of Bangladesh and 5.05
kilometers within India. Its primary objective is to establish a pivotal rail
linkage, connecting Akhaura to the outskirts of Agartala, facilitated by an
international immigration station located at Nischintapur. A senior official, as
reported by The Statesman, disclosed that a recent bilateral meeting has
led to a mutual decision to inaugurate this railway line during the visit of
Bangladesh Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina.

Demonstrating their shared commitment to operationalizing this crucial
cross-border connection, Bangladesh and India have successfully
conducted a trial locomotive run on the Akhaura-Agartala railway line. This
project, overseen by the North East Frontier Railways, has been realized
with the invaluable support of Indian grants.

In its pursuit of this endeavor, the Indian Railway Ministry has allocated
Rs153.84 crore for the ongoing construction of this rail link, which is an
integral part of a larger initiative valued at Rs862.58 crore aimed at
fostering connectivity between India’s Tripura region and Bangladesh. The
significance of this railway link is further underscored by its integration into
the framework of 16 designated transit routes, facilitating seamless cargo
transportation between the ports of Chattogram or Mongla and various
Indian states.

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