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‘Amaala’ is Set To Launch in Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia is poised to introduce Six Senses ‘Amaala’ as a cornerstone
of its endeavor to ascend as the most rapidly expanding tourism hub in the
G20. Encompassing a sprawling expanse of more than 1,600 square miles
(4,155 square kilometers) nestled within a protected natural reserve,
Amaala boasts a mesmerizing collage of coastal panoramas, majestic
mountains, pristine white-sand beaches, and thriving coral reefs.Amaala

Strategically situated,

Amaala enjoys convenient accessibility from pivotal
regional epicenters like Riyadh, Dubai, and Istanbul, with mere six-hour
journeys from major metropolises such as Paris, Rome, Berlin, and
Mumbai. The forthcoming Six Senses Amaala, an upscale resort, is poised
to cater to an array of guest preferences through its diverse selection of
accommodation options. Elegantly poised beachfront residences, hillside
enclaves, and private villas lining the tranquil mangrove bay are all primed
for reservations. Meticulously envisioned by architectural luminaries U+A
and Studio Carter, the resort’s blueprint draws inspiration from the
captivating traditional coastal hamlets native to the region. With a total of
64 rooms, six suites, 30 villas, and 25 signature residences, Six Senses


will present breathtaking vistas of the Hijaz Cove and the
mesmerizing Red Sea, nestled within Amaala’s coveted Triple Bay region.
The resort’s design harmoniously melds with the natural contours of the
land, with meandering pathways and avenues that lead to charming plazas,
offering glimpses of The Pura Cove and its enchanting azure lagoons.
Nestled at the epicenter of the landscape stands Mesa, distinguished by its
architectural overhangs and enigmatic caves that unveil the fossilized
remnants of corals and mollusks. The northern precinct of Six Senses
Amaala is home to a village that unfolds along the coastline of Hijaz Cove,
graced by a serene beachside eatery, a family-oriented pool, and esteemed
branded residences.

Moving southward, the village unveils a tableau of natural rock pools,
secluded alcoves of sand, and a meandering mangrove boardwalk, all
converging to unveil the resort’s secluded spa nestled within a private cove.
Amaala’s core ethos rests upon three foundational pillars: the synthesis of
wellness and athleticism, the celebration of arts and culture, and the
seamless interplay between sea, sun, and lifestyle.

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