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Mumbai Trans Harbour Link India’s Longest


Anticipated to revolutionize travel convenience, India is poised to
inaugurate its lengthiest sea bridge, promising to truncate the journey time
between central Mumbai and the satellite enclave of Navi Mumbai by a
remarkable quarter, down to approximately 20 minutes.Mumbai Trans Harbour Link

Named the Mumbai Trans Harbour Link, this architectural marvel spans 22
kilometers and features six lanes, encompassing 16.5 kilometers that
extend over the sea and an additional 5.5 kilometers traversing the land.
This ambitious project, valued at Rs 18,000 crore, is being realized with
financial backing from the Japan International Cooperation Agency. Once
fully operational, the passage from central Mumbai’s Sewri to Navi
Mumbai’s Chirle will be expedited to a mere 15 to 20 minutes, a remarkable
departure from the current duration that ranges from an hour to an hour
and a half. Strategic interchanges are planned at Sewri within Mumbai, and
Shivaji Nagar and Chirle on the Navi Mumbai side.

This linkage stands to create swifter accessibility to the envisioned Navi
Mumbai International Airport and key cities such as Pune, Goa, and
Bengaluru. Upon its complete activation, the bridge is anticipated to
witness a daily influx of approximately 70,000 vehicles. Chief Secretary and
Metropolitan Commissioner of the Mumbai Metropolitan Region
Development Authority, SVR Srinivas, revealed that future plans involve
extending the sea link to seamlessly merge with the Mumbai-Pune
Motorway, with bidding processes already underway. He envisions the
culmination of this expansion by the close of November or early December
this year, firmly committing to this timeline in light of considerations such as
last year’s monsoons.

A focal point of engineering marvel, the 180-meter-long orthotropic steel
deck claims the distinction of possessing the world’s most extensive level of
span length, as reported on the JICA website. These Orthotropic Steel
Decks (OSD) are renowned for their robust structural integrity compared to
conventional concrete or composite girder bridges. Notably, the Mumbai
Trans Harbour Link will introduce the concept of open-road tolling to India.
A mechanism prevalent in countries like Singapore and the United States,
this system empowers vehicles to seamlessly remit toll charges
electronically, eliminating the need to pause at toll booths.

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