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NEOM City: Saudi Arabia’s Futuristic

City WithoutRoads and Cars

Approximately 20% of the infrastructure endeavors within NEOM, Saudi
Arabia’s groundbreaking $500 billion futuristic urban projects, have been
accomplished according to the latest agency report. This colossal
engineering venture is set to derive its energy from sustainable sources,
eliminate automobiles, and present streets absent of carbon emissions.
NEOM amalgamates “NEO,” signifying new in Greek, with “M,” the initial
letter of the Arabic term “Mustakbal,” translating to “the Future,” along with
a nod to Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman.

This visionary city is charting an innovative course by eliminating
conventional roads and automobiles altogether. High-speed trains will
seamlessly link different sectors of the city, functioning as the primary mode
of transportation. The city is envisioned to function entirely on renewable
energy, aiming to achieve zero carbon emissions. Nestled along the Red
Sea in Saudi Arabia’s Tabuk region, NEOM is being sculpted to flourish on
the foundations of artificial intelligence and eco-friendly power sources. The
city’s blueprint spans three distinct tiers: an upper level adorned with
natural landscapes and verdant expanses, a middle level designated for
human habitation, and a lower level designated for the operation of drone
taxis, resembling the twisted double helix of DNA.

The city will stretch over a remarkable 170 kilometers, devoid of roads and
the associated pollution. Within NEOM, an amusement park reminiscent of
the famed Jurassic Park will materialize, complete with an imposing
artificial moon. Notably, all essential amenities will be reachable within a
mere 5-minute stroll. Astonishingly, despite its vast expanse, it will take a
mere 20 minutes to traverse the city from one extremity to the other. This
ambitious project will be choreographed by the seamless orchestration of
artificial intelligence.

Noteworthy is the city’s commitment to minimizing pollution. An artificial ski
resort, graced by year-round snow, is set to materialize, complemented by
an extensive 2-kilometer-long synthetic lake. Saudi Arabia’s aspiration is to
unveil this transformative cityscape by the year 2026. NEOM City asserts
that it is crafting a blueprint for the future, one that will shape humanity’s
progress in the times ahead.

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