England introduces biodiversity credit scheme

England introduces biodiversity

to align new projects with nature

England has set a pioneering precedent by enforcing Biodiversity Net Gain, making it
obligatory for significant housing developments to deliver a minimum 10% benefit for
nature starting from February 12th. This move aligns with the UK government’s aim to
halt species decline by 2030, as outlined in the Environment Act. Developers
undertaking major projects are now legally bound to ensure a 10% increase in

Although many developers have voluntarily adopted Biodiversity Net Gain
and witnessed its advantages for both people and nature, its implementation has now
become mandatory. To facilitate the integration of Biodiversity Net Gain at the local
level, substantial funding amounting to £10.6 million has been allocated. This financial
commitment aims to support Local Planning Authorities in recruiting and expanding
ecologist teams.

Additionally, it seeks to invest in green job opportunities, thereby
enhancing the capacity to establish new wildlife-rich habitats alongside urban
developments. The initiative underscores a strategic effort to balance urban expansion
with nature conservation, fostering sustainable development practices. By mandating
Biodiversity Net Gain, England sets a global benchmark for prioritizing biodiversity
conservation in urban planning and development projects. This legislative measure not
only emphasizes environmental stewardship but also recognizes the intrinsic value of
preserving and enhancing natural ecosystems for current and future generations.

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