Earth Will Have Just One Continent In Future!

The Earth’s external layer, the solid crust beneath our feet, resembles the
shards of a fractured eggshell. These fragments, known as tectonic plates,
traverse the globe at a pace of a few centimeters annually.

Periodically, these plates converge and unify, forming a supercontinent that
endures for several hundred million years before eventually disbanding.
The fragments then scatter and disperse, moving away from each other
until, after another span of 400-600 million years, they reconverge. Pangea,
the most recent supercontinent, materialized approximately 310 million
years ago and began disintegrating roughly 180 million years ago.

Forecasts propose that the subsequent supercontinent will coalesce in the
next 200-250 million years. Consequently, we currently find ourselves
midway through the dispersal phase of the prevailing supercontinent cycle.

Several fundamental scenarios exist for the forthcoming supercontinent’s
formation: Novopangea, Pangea Ultima, Aurica, and Amasia. The eventual
outcome hinges on varying circumstances, intimately connected to the
mechanisms that led to Pangea’s separation and the contemporary
movements of Earth’s landmasses. The fragmentation of Pangea birthed
the Atlantic Ocean, an expanse that persists in widening today. As a result,

the Pacific Ocean is constricting and becoming narrower.
A circular arrangement of subduction zones lines the periphery of the
Pacific Ocean, forming the infamous “ring of fire.” In these zones, sections
of oceanic flooring submerge beneath continental plates, delving into the
Earth’s interior. Within this domain, aged oceanic crust is recycled and can
give rise to volcanic activity. In contrast, the Atlantic Ocean features a vast
mid-ocean ridge that generates a fresh oceanic plate. However, it is home
to only two subduction zones: the Lesser Antilles Arc in the Caribbean and
the Scotia Arc between South America and Antarctica.

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