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Humans Settling on the Moon and Mars:

Homes”Grown” from Mushrooms, Architects andResearchers Collaborates With NASA

As humanity sets its sights on establishing permanent settlements on the
Moon and Mars, the challenge of creating habitable and sustainable living
spaces becomes increasingly critical. In an unexpected twist, architects
and researchers, in collaboration with NASA, are exploring a
groundbreaking concept: growing homes on these extraterrestrial surfaces
using mushrooms.

This innovative approach involves utilizing a combination of algae and fungi
to create organic structures that could provide shelter and a life-sustaining
environment for future space explorers. Biofabrication, the process of
creating materials and structures using living organisms, has gained
momentum in various fields, including medicine and architecture. The idea
of using nature’s building blocks to construct homes on other planets
presents a tantalizing vision for sustainable and self-sufficient human
habitats. In the quest to create biologically “grown” homes, architects and
scientists have turned to a unique combination of algae and fungi. Algae,
photosynthetic microorganisms, play a crucial role in generating oxygen
and absorbing carbon dioxide, essential for creating a habitable
environment. Fungi, with their resilient and adaptable properties, act as a
structural element, providing strength and stability to the growing habitat.
The process of growing homes on extraterrestrial surfaces involves a
series of innovative steps, Seeding, Growth, Structural Formation, and
Algae Activation.
The idea of growing homes on the Moon and Mars using mushrooms and
algae represents a bold and imaginative leap into the future of space
exploration. As architects and researchers work in collaboration with NASA
to develop prototypes and overcome challenges, the possibility of
biologically “grown” habitats offers an exciting vision of sustainable and
self-sufficient living spaces for future human settlers

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