The Surf Park Summit Programme

And Speaker Line Up Confirmed

The Surf Park Summit, a premier global event, serves as a pivotal platform focusing on the
burgeoning surf park industry. Scheduled from September 18 to 20, this year’s Summit is set to
unfold in San Diego, California, attracting enthusiasts and professionals alike. One of the highlights
of the event is the keynote address by Jeff Pensiero, the esteemed owner of Baldface Lodge,
renowned for his expertise in the field.

Attendees can anticipate a diverse array of seminars and workshops covering crucial topics such as
financing, investment strategies, surf park development, construction methodologies, and
cutting-edge wave technology. With a lineup boasting over 50 distinguished industry leaders,
including luminaries like Sean Young, Nick Neuman, Paul Chutter, and Justin Caron, participants are
poised to glean valuable insights and knowledge.

Being the sole

event exclusively dedicated to the surf park industry, the Summit offers unparalleled
networking opportunities. Industry professionals and enthusiasts will have the chance to forge
meaningful connections, share experiences, and explore collaborative ventures. Such interactions
are invaluable for fostering growth and innovation within this rapidly expanding sector.
Furthermore, the Summit serves as a nexus for exchanging ideas and best practices, fostering
collaboration, and driving forward-thinking initiatives. Participants will gain invaluable perspectives
on emerging trends, challenges, and opportunities shaping the future landscape of surf parks

The event’s

comprehensive agenda is designed to cater to diverse interests and expertise levels,
ensuring that attendees derive maximum value from their participation. From seasoned veterans to
newcomers, all stand to benefit from the wealth of knowledge and expertise on offer.
As the global surf park industry continues to gain momentum, the importance of events like the Surf
Park Summit cannot be overstated. By bringing together stakeholders from across the globe, the
Summit plays a pivotal role in driving innovation, fostering collaboration, and propelling the industry
to new heights.

In addition to the substantive sessions, the Summit offers participants the chance to explore the
vibrant surf culture of San Diego, further enhancing the overall experience. From iconic surf spots to
cultural landmarks, the city offers a plethora of attractions to complement the event.
Overall, the Surf Park Summit promises to be an enriching and transformative experience for all
participants. Whether seeking to gain insights, forge connections, or stay abreast of the latest
developments, attendees can expect to leave inspired and empowered to contribute to the ongoing
evolution of the surf park industry.

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