Soon You’ll Be Able to Make Your Own Movie

With Artificial Intelligence

As the disruptive influence of artificial intelligence continues to reshape the
landscape of the entertainment industry, one can’t help but ponder the
moment when AI will be capable of independently creating full-length
feature films. Insights from Joe Russo, celebrated co-director of Marvel
blockbuster movies such as “Avengers: Endgame” and “Avengers: Infinity
War,” suggest that this pivotal juncture may arrive within a mere two years.

Mr. Russo, who also serves on the boards of several AI companies, shared
his perspective during an interview with Collider. He emphasized the
necessity for AI development not only to harness the potential of AI itself
but also to safeguard against any adversarial applications of the
technology. The evolving nature of AI compels us to consider how best to
navigate this burgeoning landscape. When queried about the timeframe
within which AI could genuinely craft a movie from start to finish, Russo
offered a prophetic prediction of “Two years.” Moreover, he elucidated the
transformative potential of advanced AI, envisioning a future where
moviegoers could actively participate in crafting narratives on the fly.

The visionary concept he outlined entails employing AI to engineer and adapt
storytelling in real time. This dynamic approach would enable a
continuously evolving narrative, whether within the realm of gaming,
cinema, or television. Russo painted a scenario where individuals could
seamlessly interface with AI through their preferred streaming platforms. By
voicing their creative desires, they could instruct the AI to generate a
personalized cinematic experience.

For instance,

one could request a romantic comedy featuring their
photorealistic avatar alongside that of a beloved celebrity, with dialogue
tailored to mimic their own voice. The result? A bespoke 90-minute
romantic comedy, starring the individual, tailored precisely to their

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