Germany’s Largest Hindu Temple Set To Open.

In Berlin

Vilwanathan Krishnamurthy exudes joy and contentment, embodying the essence of
happiness. For nearly two decades, the 70-year-old has dedicated himself to a noble
cause: the construction of a Hindu temple in Berlin through voluntary work. Standing
beneath Germany’s late summer sun, Krishnamurthy beams with pride as he showcases
the newly erected temple, eagerly detailing its architectural features, colors, and

His commitment to the project shines through as he passionately shares his vision for
the temple’s grand opening celebration, slated for November. Despite the challenges
posed by the ongoing global circumstances,

Krishnamurthy remains optimistic

hopeful that the festivities will unfold as planned over the course of six joyous days.
Krishnamurthy’s journey is a testament to the power of dedication and community spirit.
Through his unwavering efforts, he has not only contributed to the physical creation of a
place of worship but has also fostered a sense of unity and belonging among believers
in the area.

As he continues to work tirelessly towards his goal, Krishnamurthy serves as an
inspiration to all who encounter him, demonstrating that happiness can be found in
selfless acts of service and the realization of meaningful dreams. With each step
forward, he brings the vision of the temple closer to fruition, leaving a lasting legacy of
positivity and goodwill in his wake.

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