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Designer Babies; Baby Whose Genetic Makeup HasBeen Selected Or Altered

Imagine a world where the traits of your future children,

from their gender and appearance to their intelligence, can be meticulously selected or even
altered. While this may sound like a concept from the realm of science
fiction, it is a very real possibility that could become a reality within the next
two decades. The term “Designer Babies” refers to infants whose genetic
makeup has been intentionally modified or chosen to eliminate specific
defects or ensure the presence of desirable genes. While this concept
remains a subject of intense debate, it is worth considering that designer
babies hold the potential for substantial benefits, outweighing the
controversies that surround them.

One compelling advantage of genetic modification for designer babies is
the potential to significantly improve their overall health. By employing
genetic editing technologies, the risk of genetic disorders can be drastically
reduced. This not only decreases the likelihood of infants being affected by
certain debilitating health conditions but also enhances their chances of
survival. Designer babies exhibit heightened resistance to diseases like
cancer, opening up the possibility of naturally building immunity to such
ailments for future generations.

Pioneering cancer therapeutics

which leverage genetic editing techniques such as CRISPR to identify and
eliminate harmful cells, have already shown promising results. Another
noteworthy benefit of designer babies is the potential to address the
chronic shortage of organ donors.

According to statistics from the United
Network for Organ Sharing, an average of 20 individuals succumb daily
while waiting for organ transplants. Approximately 100,000 people are
currently in dire need of kidney transplants, 14,000 await liver transplants,

and 4,000 seek heart transplants. With the advent of designer babies, the
creation of genetically compatible organ matches becomes a realistic
prospect. Through genetic modification during infancy, it may be possible to
produce organs that are an exact genetic match for an individual.
Advanced techniques, such as the rapid-acting chemical reaction known as
“click chemistry,” can be employed to assemble modified DNA fragments
into genes, facilitating complex genome engineering. The production of
perfectly matched organs reduces the risk of organ rejection and the dire
consequences of not finding a suitable donor in time.

It becomes evident that Designer Babies hold the potential to bring about
considerable benefits to society. These advancements not only enhance
the health and well-being of infants but also offer a solution to the perennial
problem of organ shortages. Moreover, they provide hope for those born
with genetic disorders and empower parents with the ability to select
favorable genetic characteristics. As we contemplate the future, it is
plausible that Designer Babies could play a pivotal role in fostering a more
advanced and developed society.

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