Shakira Will Receive Video Vanguard Award

At The 2023 MTV Video Music Awards

Shakira is set to make history at the 2023 MTV Video
Music Awards as she becomes the first South American
artist to receive the prestigious Video Vanguard Award.

This accolade recognizes her outstanding contributions to
the music industry and her impact on pop culture
worldwide. Jennifer Lopez, another trailblazing Latina

Was the first to receive this honor five years ago,
highlighting the diversity and talent within the music
industry. In recent years, the Video Vanguard Award has
seen a trend of female dominance,

With notable winners including Rihanna, P!nk, Lopez, Missy Elliott, and Nicki
Minaj. The last male recipient was Kanye West in 2015,
showcasing the significant achievements of women in
music and their evolving influence on the industry.

Shakira’s upcoming recognition underscores her status as
a global icon and celebrates her groundbreaking career
spanning decades. As anticipation builds for the awards
ceremony, fans eagerly await Shakira’s momentous
acceptance of this prestigious accolade.

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