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Light Based Computer Could Outpace

Traditional Electrical Chip Designs

In the realm of computing, a transformative breakthrough is on the horizon.
A new breed of computer, harnessing light instead of electricity, holds the
promise of executing calculations with superior speed, efficiency, and
space utilization.

Traditional computer chips are intricate assemblies of millions or even

billions of logic gates, minute components responsible for fundamental
operations like data comparison. By aggregating these gates on a massive
scale, tasks such as file downloads, video playback, and computer gaming
are efficiently managed.

Conventional chips function by channeling

electrons. However, a team led by Yi Zhang at Aalto University in Finland
has introduced a paradigm-shifting concept: optical logic gates capable of
performing identical functions using light. While optical computers have
been previously developed, they often involve intricate hardware and are
confined to specific applications. Zhang’s innovation involves the creation
of optical gates from a single layer of molybdenum disulfide crystals,
measuring a mere 0.65 nanometers in thickness.


this can be achieved using existing manufacturing techniques, potentially enabling
these gates to handle universal tasks within compact confines.
Zhang envisions future exploration into the utilization of optical logic gates
for hybrid classical and quantum computing, as well as the development of
optical quantum logic gates. This is particularly significant, as one prevalent
avenue of quantum computing research already employs photons for data

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