Riyadh Is Getting an SR7 Billion

‘Box Of Treasures’
With Konoz Project

In a significant development for Riyadh’s burgeoning real estate landscape,
the ‘Konoz’ project, valued at SR7 billion, has been unveiled, with the
Abdullah Al-Othaim Investment Company spearheading its development.
This ambitious undertaking encompasses a diverse range of offerings,
including a substantial 50,000 square meters of office space and a
sprawling 20,000 square meter ‘entertainment city.’

Riyadh Is Getting an SR7 Billion

The project blueprint also entails the construction of a 250-room hotel, 120
serviced apartments, and a substantial 135,000-square-meter residential
complex boasting 700 apartments. The name ‘Konoz,’ which translates to
‘box of treasures,’ promises to weave the essence of gemstones into its
very fabric, with each zone featuring a captivating visual and architectural
representation of these treasures. Notably,

Konoz places a pronounced

emphasis on expanding office space, a facet that sets it apart in a
landscape that has hitherto been predominantly focused on residential and
hospitality ventures. This strategic move acknowledges the growing
demand for modern office facilities in Riyadh, positioning the project to fulfill
this evolving need in the medium term. The inception of the Konoz project
dovetails with Riyadh’s strategic development vision, aligning it with the
broader ‘Riyadh Strategy.’ This overarching vision aspires to elevate the
city into a global hub for investment, innovation, and tourism. By
introducing innovative projects in a strategic location within Riyadh, the
Abdullah Al-Othaim Investment Company, under the leadership of Group
CEO Meshaal Bin Omairh, aims to enhance the city’s quality of life and
stimulate job creation.

The launch of the ‘Konoz’ project signifies not only a substantial investment
in Riyadh’s future but also a commitment to innovation, economic growth,
and the betterment of the city’s residents. As this ‘box of treasures’ takes
shape, it promises to redefine Riyadh’s skyline and serve as a testament to
the Kingdom’s relentless pursuit of progress and development.

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