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Oksana Masters: From Torturous Childhood to Paralympic Glory

Oksana Masters: From The Horrors of Chornobyl to the Paralympics

Oksana Masters

Oksana Masters’ life story is a testament to human resilience. Born in Ukraine in 1989, Masters faced many harrowing challenges. The disabilities caused by the Chornobyl disaster left her in an orphanage, where she endured unimaginable abuse. Despite these horrors, hope glimmered when, at eight years old, she was adopted by an American woman, Gay Masters. Adapting to a new country and undergoing multiple surgeries, including double leg amputations, Masters’ resilience began to shine through.

Oksana Masters

Her athletic career is nothing short of extraordinary. Masters started with adaptive rowing, winning bronze at the London 2012 Paralympics. Despite back pain forcing her to quit rowing, she didn’t give up. Masters transitioned to skiing, biathlon, and eventually cycling, winning two gold medals at Tokyo 2020.

However, her journey was far from smooth. A broken finger during a ski race in Canada nearly ended her career. Masters’ unique anatomy complicated the recovery, leading to multiple failed surgeries. Despite the setbacks, she learned to adapt, saying, “This will be my biggest hurdle leading into Paris.”

Masters is candid about her struggles with self-doubt. Even after winning medals, she constantly seeks ways to improve. Her childhood experiences have instilled a relentless drive, though she acknowledges the need to find pride in her achievements.

Reflecting on her past, Masters speaks of the extreme deprivation and abuse she endured. Her memoir, The Hard Parts, shares these harrowing experiences, highlighting the resilience she needed to survive. She hopes her story will shine a light on the global issue of child abuse.

Despite everything, Oksana Masters remains focused on her goals. She aims to inspire others, advocate for disabled individuals, and one day, return to Ukraine to uncover her past. Masters’ journey from an abused orphan to a world-class athlete exemplifies the indomitable human spirit.

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